Woody Conjure - Signature Fragrances London
Woody Conjure - Signature Fragrances London

Woody Conjure

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A fragrance that speaks richness and masculinity, the scent of a noble prince or an assertive princess Sheikh and Sheikha alike! This scent asserts a distinct woody note, yet is refined with exotic accents. As one of the most asserting scents Woody Conjure is a supernatural blend of Cedar and Lily as the top notes, Sandalwood, Oud and Patchouli as the heart and Amber, Musk and richness of Palisander Wood / Rosewood.

Woody Conjure is made for demanding and very charismatic women and it is an alluring scent, which is sure to give enhance you inner power.

Top: Cedar, Lily

Heart: Sandalwood, Oud, Patchouli

Base: Amber, Palisander Wood (Rosewood), Musk

Wrapped in an overt extravagant design; our boxes are uniquely hand crafted from the finest paper, opening up to reveal a hand pleated satin lined interior.

The striking ‘Signature’ emblem modestly glides across the box, reflecting the robustness and appeal of our niche fragrances.

As part of our environmental undertaking, we encourage you to reuse our boxes as an accessory to store your most precious luxuries.

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Our Bottles

A stunning exemplar of beauty and exclusivity, our bottles are made from superb sparkly cut crystal glass to give a stunning effect. Each bottle (for pure perfume) is hand crafted from some of the clearest crystal in the world. The detail of our bottles can be noticed by the exclusive silver trimming which highlights the pinnacle of the bottle’s stunning effect. The uniqueness and overt design of our bottles set the trend with the current love of all things luxurious and artistic.

Pure Parfum Packaging

Dabbing your perfume is the perfect way to apply perfume without wasting those precious molecules. When dabbing your perfume, tilt the bottle so that some of the perfume touches the stopper, which you then can use to dab onto your wrists, neck, and anywhere else you desire to apply your precious scent.

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