Be Unique


Have you ever walked past someone and got a whiff of their scent as they pass you? Sometimes you keep on walking but there is also that amazing scent sensation that makes you turn around and pay attention to where that smell came from. Having a sense attention grabbing perfume is the key that leads to popularity.

Once upon a time you have probably walked past an individual and your nose has wrinkled at the pungent smell of perfume walking past you. Using cheap perfumes to such an extent is not attractive and can actually have a reverse effect on what you want to achieve by wearing perfume. Wearing half a bottle means either the perfume is so cheap it doesn’t smell unless you put on half the bottle or that individual has no sense of smell.

Having taste and an awareness of fragrance gives you the upper hand when reaping in the results of using perfume correctly. If you smell good you are highly more likely to gain and hold people’s attention because they are intrigued by the delicious smell coming from your direction.

You may be asking why wearing a perfume makes you more popular? Here’s the math behind the truth. If you smell good your fragrance is using its’ pulling power in the right way. By obtaining the attention of those around you, you are effectively the centre of attention. Through this attention via the heavenly scent being picked up by their noses your new admirers will be complimenting your sweet odour, giving you a subsequent huge confidence boost. Then bingo you are not only confident but are holding people’s attention on you.

However being popular with the aid of a fragrance isn’t completely plain sailing. Wearing a cheap fragrance with no lasting scent won’t work as much wonder as a more complex product. A fragrance that holds many base tones and lighter tones that linger on your skin for hours are much more effective. Having a fragrance with florals will hold onto your skin for a much longer period of time, allowing you to work your magnetic pull for longer.

So what are you waiting for? Time to ditch the dull perfume and use your complex beauty of a fragrance. Becoming popular has never been so easy when your scent does all of the work for you.

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