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Launching Extrait De Parfum Collection

Launching our new collection of nine Extrait De Parfum (EDP), Signature Fragrances London has quickly gained credit for rekindling the true nature of perfume and offering uncontested value by providing highest quality and long lasting perfumes. Each scent has been hand selected to produce a divine collection of fragrances that offer a personal connection between the perfumer and buyer, with emphasis placed firmly on the quality of ingredients rather than the quantity.

We seek to bring the true essence of perfumery back to the 21st century, by introducing a selection of unique blends sourced from around the world.

Extrait De Parfum Collection

Oud perfume

What’s so special about Oud or Oudh

For centuries, Oud perfume oils have been loved by men and women due to their exotic scent that is unlike anything in this world. Now, you can experience this remarkable luxury fragrance for yourself from our distinguished oud collection. We find it fascinating how certain scents can make one reminiscent of old memories and hope to invoke thoughts of the past with every drop of Oud. We pride ourselves in reviving that age-old tradition by introducing the luxurious, high quality Oud (oudh). We not only believe that the creation of Oud oils is a fascinating and intricate art, we believe the Oud itself is a timeless scent that uplifts those who use it.

Oud perfume

Our handcrafted Arabian Oud makes a powerful impression without every coming on too strong, and it’s the perfect choice of fragrance for day or night. Oud is one of the rarest of scents, and you won’t find it in a purer, more pleasing form anywhere else.

Our exotic perfume oil brings to life the extraordinarily unique scent of Oud, combining it with rose and jasmine floral notes, spicy saffron, sensual sandalwood and earthy wood aromas.

This gives you a much stronger, long lasting perfume to enjoy for day or night wear.

Our friends at Opulent Perfumes offer some high quality Oud perfumes, worth a visit:

Signature Fragrances Review by The Perfume Expert

Signature Fragrances offers the luxury standards of a limited edition perfume at an affordable price for EVERY perfume lover!

I admit, at times I’m a bit of a superficial person and hence am a sucker for gorgeous packaging. And packaging is what first drew me to the new perfume house, Signature Fragrances from London.

The bottles are mini works of art and are hand-crafted crystal!

Impressive styling for those who love aesthetics or for those who are into collecting perfume bottles. But more impressive is how they produce such luxury at such high standards and quality at an affordable price!

Those of you who know your perfumes, know that bottles of this standard are usually reserved for limited editions or Baccarat Crystal one-of-a-kind editions from famous perfume houses. Something that looks THIS good is usually NOT your every day perfume found at your local department store at an affordable price!


And the quality doesn’t just stop at the bottle!

These perfumes use little to no alcohol, using pure fragrance oils that produce a long-lasting scent experience. Once again, I was stunned to see the use of pure fragrance oils used in a product with this price point! Usually pure perfume editions are priced over hundreds of dollars, but Signature Fragrances starting at just under £50 (around $72) for 6 ml!

As Signature Fragrances would say, “your perfume has the right to be smelt by others”. And certainly the founders Solomon and Yinka believe in the ethos of this company that everyone has the RIGHT to own a pure perfume!

Each of their gorgeous scents are housed in unique bottles and include 6 ml to 12 ml of exquisite fragrance oils of the highest standards, toting some of the longest lasting scents on the market!

The Signature Fragrances collection includes 17 gorgeous perfumes from five of the most well known fragrance families: Floral, Fresh, Sweet, Oriental, and Oud.

I had the privilege of trying two scents: Endure from the Floral line and Deja Vu from the Sweet line.


Soft. Powdery. Romantic. Feminine. Billowing with powdery Violet but a Violet facet that smells as if there is some Violet Leaf mixed in there as well which makes for a slightly metallic smelling Violet. So although soft and powdery, it also is quite fresh and clean.

A bit of an annomoly as soft powdery scents are usually warm and cozy, but instead Endure is more of a cool floral scent on my skin that is almost frosty in nature. Think of a Winter stroll in the crisp snow wrapped up in a thick cashmere scarf.

Signature Fragrances Endure

Along with Violet are other sweet floral notes of Jasmine and Rose. I’m sure the indolic Jasmine is also adding to the fresh tip-of-the-nose nature of this scent. Added sweetness comes from Vanilla, Mandarin Orange, and Black Currant.

The best part about this perfume is the hint of atmospheric Incense and Opoponax. “Endure releases all the sweet and calming notes to help the mind travel into utopia.” And the Incense and Opoponax notes definitely lead to this being a meditative scent. I would have liked to have seen even more of these atmospheric notes used to take me into bliss!

But when I close my eyes and smell that first cool floral sweetness like frosted Violet petals, then experience the swirl of Incense, Endure represents to me what clouds would smell like. Soft, yet refreshing and pure.

Deja Vu:

Gourmand as gourmand can be!

Dripping with decadence, this fragrance is a powerhouse of sweetness. Smooth nectar of the gods!

Silky Caramel, warm Red Amber, sweet nutty Coconut with the classic gourmand combo of Vanilla and Amber.

Signature Fragrances Deja Vu

This is one of the best gourmand fragrances that I have ever smelled.

Yes, gourmand scents are supposed to be sweet edible fragrances, but I find most gourmand scents to be too sweet, too child-like and usually not sophisticated enough. Who doesn’t like the smell of fresh baked cookies, but to smell like a cookie all day every day came be quite overwhelming for you and those around you.

But not this gourmand scent! Deja Vu is a complex gourmand that has just the right amount of sweetness combined with the depth of Amber to round it out and prevent the scent from becoming too sickly sweet.

The best part about Deja Vu is the genius use of Coconut. You’d think that by using that note, this scent would smell tropical or like suntan lotion, but it DOESN’T at all! Instead the Coconut creates more of a fresh nutty nuance that floats over top of the rich Caramel and Vanilla notes. I believe that it’s the use of Coconut and Red Amber that prevents this gourmand scent from being too sweet.

It’s stunning, sexy, mysterious, and glowing. Although, not labeled as a unisex fragrance, it certainly could be with it’s richness and depth.

A great Winter scent as it warms the heart!

I was really impressed by these scents, their quality, complexity, and longevity. But I was more impressed with the company of Signature Fragrances as a whole. I think what they are doing, by bringing luxury pure perfume to the mainstream market without compromising in quality or the integrity of the art of perfume is commendable.

I can’t wait to explore more of their scents! Their popular Lurre perfume which is an exciting combo of Strawberry and Honesuckle will be next on the wish list!

If you would like to try a Signature Fragrances for yourself, learn more by visiting their website



Have you ever walked past someone and got a whiff of their scent as they pass you? Sometimes you keep on walking but there is also that amazing scent sensation that makes you turn around and pay attention to where that smell came from. Having a sense attention grabbing perfume is the key that leads to popularity.

Once upon a time you have probably walked past an individual and your nose has wrinkled at the pungent smell of perfume walking past you. Using cheap perfumes to such an extent is not attractive and can actually have a reverse effect on what you want to achieve by wearing perfume. Wearing half a bottle means either the perfume is so cheap it doesn’t smell unless you put on half the bottle or that individual has no sense of smell.

Having taste and an awareness of fragrance gives you the upper hand when reaping in the results of using perfume correctly. If you smell good you are highly more likely to gain and hold people’s attention because they are intrigued by the delicious smell coming from your direction.

You may be asking why wearing a perfume makes you more popular? Here’s the math behind the truth. If you smell good your fragrance is using its’ pulling power in the right way. By obtaining the attention of those around you, you are effectively the centre of attention. Through this attention via the heavenly scent being picked up by their noses your new admirers will be complimenting your sweet odour, giving you a subsequent huge confidence boost. Then bingo you are not only confident but are holding people’s attention on you.

However being popular with the aid of a fragrance isn’t completely plain sailing. Wearing a cheap fragrance with no lasting scent won’t work as much wonder as a more complex product. A fragrance that holds many base tones and lighter tones that linger on your skin for hours are much more effective. Having a fragrance with florals will hold onto your skin for a much longer period of time, allowing you to work your magnetic pull for longer.

So what are you waiting for? Time to ditch the dull perfume and use your complex beauty of a fragrance. Becoming popular has never been so easy when your scent does all of the work for you.


What did Little Fickle think……..

Clothes and American TV are my one true love however, all things make-up and perfume come a close second. I’m a bit of a flirt when it comes to perfume, I’ll admit it; I’m a sucker for a pretty bottle and so I flick from one to another regularly in order to add new additions to my collection. I love trying something new and so, when Signature Fragrances asked if I would be interested in testing some of their new fragrance oils* I absolutely jumped at the chance.


We seek to give back to our society by donating a minimum of 10p of our profits to Kids Company Charity organisation. Kids Company provides emotional and educational support to vulnerable inner-city children. The work they do aims to empower children who have experienced challenges to lead positive and fulfilling lives within their community. Signature Fragrances London™ is embarking on an exciting new chapter, in which the focus will be on giving back to our community.