Be Unique

Our Story and Perfumes

Signature Fragrances London™ was founded by two friends Solomon and Yinka. Having an earnest passion for perfumery, the pair decided to actualise their strong passion by introducing a unique range of fragrances that everybody would enjoy.Our perfumes are categorised by four of the most popular fragrance families in the world. Each fragrance carries its own identity, giving its user a unique sensory experience.

The belief at Signature Fragrances London™ is that ‘your perfume has the right to be smelt by others’. Thus, our perfumes are at an indulgent Parfum strength – the highest form of perfume. This improves the length of the perfume and leads to a longer lasting scent which reveals itself gradually from dawn to dusk; perfect for today’s hectic lifestyles.

The launch of our new Extract De Parfum (EDP) collection of nine unique fragrances has quickly gained credit for rekindling the true nature of perfume and offering uncontested value by providing highest quality and long lasting perfumes. The most pungent fragrances in the world.

Each collection has been hand selected to produce a divine collection of fragrances that offer a personal connection between the perfumer and buyer, with emphasis placed firmly on the quality of ingredients rather than the quantity.

Signature Fragrances London™ seeks to bring the true essence of perfumery back to the 21st century, by introducing a selection of unique blends sourced from around the world. We endeavour to provide fragrances that tailor itself to the personalities and cultures of our diverse community. With our bespoke and direct approach we aim to offer Signateers extraordinary fragrances that restore ones personal identity.

Welcome to the World of Bottles, Perfumes, and Fascination.